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M. K. Jain



M. K. Jain is the founder and CEO of Syadwad Impex Pvt. Ltd. At an early age of just 24 years, he started this company in the year 1976.  By that time, he had immense knowledge of the technical aspects of the apparel manufacturing. From expertise in pattern making to proficiency in labor management, Mr. Jain has been successfully able to learn and apply his vast knowledge and experience through all these years.


He has seen the company grow many folds since its inception. Today, as CEO, Mr. Jain looks after primary planning of apparel production schedule to ensure timely delivery. He is a blessed planner with a great foresight. Due to this, all the orders with the company have been executed on time.


Mr. Jain ensures there is a good coordination between different departments of the company. This is essential for smooth running of the business.


Mr. Jain has also gained a great exposure and business from his abroad travels. He has travelled to almost all the Western and Central European countries. He has also made multiple travels to US and Canada.


Jinendra Jain

Director: Production, Finance


Jinendra Jain heads the production and finance department.  He has an experience of almost 20 years in the business. He carefully examines different aspects of all the production styles. By defining exact procedures, time schedules, and detailed T & A report, Jinendra Jain has become an expert in handling production.  As a production director, Jinendra Jain oversees sub departments like Cutting, Stitching, Finishing, Packing and Quality Management. Maintaining delivery schedules is important. But it is also important to maintain the quality of apparels made. Jinendra Jain understands this aspect very well and has, therefore established a quality department that conducts regular audits at different levels of production. 


Jinendra Jain also oversees the Finance department of the company. Maintaining working capital is an important aspect of the trade. He negotiates terms with the suppliers as well as the buyers to ensure smooth working capital management and operations. 


Lily Jain

Director: Merchandising  & Sourcing


Lily Jain heads the Merchandising and sourcing department. With a degree in Business Management, Lily Jain is exceptional in her communication sills. An important aspect of merchandising is communication and coordination with the buyer. With experience of more than 14 years, Lily Jain has trained a team of Merchandisers and Sampling coordinators in the company. She ensures proper and timely response from and to the buyer.


Lily Jain travels regularly to study new trends, techniques and fabric related to the apparel industry. This helps her in keeping up to date with the latest offerings in the apparel industry. Our buyers have been immensely benefited by advices and suggestions proposed by Lily Jain.



Sachendra Jain

Director: Business Development & Systems Integration


Sachendra Jain has an MBA degree from Pepperdine University, Los Angeles. He worked at Syadwad Impex for couple of years before going for his MBA. During his first stint at the company, he saw a tremendous growth potential in the company. Given the experience and knowledge of other executive members of the company, he felt that with right set of drivers and growth stimulus, the company could definitely be taken to another level.


He decided to do MBA. This helped him in learning varied business skills and gaining international exposure. This was very important in the industry when you get to meet people from different countries.


Sachendra Jain rejoined Syadwad Impex in 2012 after completion of his MBA with the sole objective of growth and expansion. Working closely with all the departments, he has set module-based systems at all levels. This has helped in better coordination and integration between the departments.


Sachendra Jain has closely monitored business at different levels. This has helped him in strengthening his technical know-how of the business.


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